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Digital porcelain collections
Novo by Negev

Negev exclusively produces and markets the Novo porcelain collection.
The Novo collection creates a high standard and is known worldwide due to its quality,
style and consistency.

The high quality properties of the Novo tiles, provide excellent resistance to various
climate, easy and convenient maintenance and long-term durability of the aesthetic

Negev showcases an impressive line of porcelain tile that demonstrates contemporary
colors, extraordinary quality and craftsman-like detail as a result of a long history
of manufacturing porcelain.

The latest collection of Novo porcelain tiles brings together the lifestyle you value
and the quality of life you seek. The collection includes a wide range of tiles in various
designs, textures and finishes that lets your imagination run free and full of inspiration.
The high quality tiles guarantee that whatever look you desire, will retain its beauty for
years to come.

The new Novo collection includes smooth concrete, parquet and Terrazzo designs
from Novo quality porcelain produced, using the most innovative digital technology.
Thus, Negev joins the world leading manufacturing plants that use high quality
digital printing, allowing Negev to obtain the colors, textures and variances between
the tiles.

The digital printing allows Negev to obtain the "real thing" - stone, marble, smoothed
concrete, parquets, wood, terrazzo, etc. Digital technology even allows for non-identical
surfaces, a brushed look, stucco and non-smooth finishing, in matte or glossy finishing.

Novo new collections:

The well known look and feel of Terrazzo and the qualities of NOVO porcelain tiles
have turned ECOSTONE into an innovative and exciting series. The style which has been
marked as a classic Israeli look for years, has received a modern twist with a wide range
of shades and finishes to choose from.

Colors: Midnight, Dust, Lace, Almond, Camel, Siena
Sizes: 60 X 60, 33/5 X 33/5 cm Concrete
The trendy and exposed concrete look leads the CONCRETE series. With their smoothed
texture in 6 different shades, the CONCRETE tiles are the perfect setting for any type
of furniture and accessories at home or at the office, emphasizing the natural beauty
of the materials around them.

Colors: Black, Gray, Silver, White, Beige, Graish, Brown
Sizes: 60 x 60, 33/5 x 33/5 cm
The natural elegance of the parquet, combined with the comfort and durability of porcelain
tiles. The PLANK series gives any space a spectacular look with its authentic texture
and 5 different shades to choose from: Natural, Oak, Teak, Noce, Rovere- Cream, Gray.
This is the sort of wood feeling you've always wanted, with the coziness
you've always looked for.

Size: 14/8 X 60 cm
Novo Porcelain quality products of the Negev plant are certified with ISO
2000 standard, certificate 314 and the Green Label of the Israeli Standards
Institute, and the certificate 176 of the European standard.
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